Chromium Sulfate

Chromium sulfate is a kind of sulfate with the chemical formula CR2 (SO4) 3. The appearance is green powder or dark green flake crystal. In addition to hexahydrate, there are also anhydrous compounds and a variety of compounds containing different crystalline water, up to 18 molecules of crystal water. The color varies from green to purple. Those containing crystal water are soluble in water, while anhydrous substances are insoluble. The minimum lethal dose (rat, vein) was 144 mg / kg. Corrosive


Analytical reagent. Mordant. Glass and ceramic glaze manufacturing.

The dye industry is used as chromium complexing agent in the production of reactive red brown k-b3r, neutral violet BL, neutral orange RL and neutral pink BL. The printing and dyeing industry is used as a mordant. It can also be used as glaze agent for glass, ceramics, enamel, etc. Also used as waterproof agent. It is used for oil drilling, etc.

It is used in printing, ceramics, tanning and other industries; used for printing and dyeing, ceramics, insoluble gels, as well as chromium catalyst, tanning, paint and ink; used as analytical reagent and mordant; used for tanning leather. Used as setting agent for photographic film in fixing solution.

It can also be used as a raw material for other chromium compounds, such as chromium trioxide. [2]

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