China high quality sodium dichromate

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Formula: Na2Cr2O7·2H2O

Character: Orange crystal grain, easy soluble in water, poisonous.

Usage: cromic acid production and other chrome production、pigment、tanning、oxidant、wood preservation、medicine、etc.

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Formula:  Na2Cr2O7·2H2O
Character: Orange crystal grain, easy soluble in water, poisonous.
Usage: cromic acid production and other chrome production、pigment、tanning、oxidant、wood preservation、medicine、etc.
Package: in bags of 50kg or 25kg net each.
Executing standards:GB1611-92



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Matters Needing Attention

Risk overview

Health hazards: acute poisoning: inhalation can cause acute respiratory tract irritation symptoms, epistaxis, hoarseness, atrophy of nasal mucosa, sometimes asthma and cyanosis. Severe cases may have chemical pneumonia. Oral administration can stimulate and corrode the digestive tract, causing nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, bloody stool, etc; In severe cases, dyspnea, cyanosis, shock, liver damage and acute renal failure occurred. Chronic effects: contact dermatitis, chromium ulcer, rhinitis, nasal septum perforation and respiratory tract inflammation.

Explosion risk: This product is a carcinogen with strong corrosiveness and irritation, which can cause burns to human body.

First aid measures

Skin contact: take off contaminated clothes and wash skin thoroughly with soapy water and water.

Eye contact: lift eyelids and wash with flowing water or normal saline. See a doctor.

Inhalation: quickly leave the scene to fresh air. Keep respiratory tract unobstructed. If you have difficulty breathing, give oxygen. If breathing stops, give artificial respiration immediately. See a doctor.

Ingestion: gargle with water and lavage with water or 1% sodium thiosulfate solution. Give me milk or egg white. See a doctor.

Fire fighting measures

Hazard characteristics: strong oxidant. In case of strong acid or high temperature, oxygen can be released to promote the combustion of organic matter. It reacts violently with nitrate and chlorate. When water is mixed with sodium sulfide, it can cause spontaneous combustion. When contacting or mixing with organics, reducing agents and inflammables such as sulfur and phosphorus, there is a risk of combustion and explosion. It has strong corrosiveness.

Harmful combustion products: may produce harmful toxic smoke.

Fire extinguishing method: use fog water and sand to extinguish the fire.

Leakage emergency treatment

Emergency treatment: isolate the contaminated area and restrict access. It is suggested that emergency treatment personnel should wear dust masks (full face masks) and gas protective clothing. Do not let the leakage come into contact with organics, reducing agents and inflammables.

Small leakage: collect with clean shovel in dry, clean and covered container.

Large amount of leakage: collect and recycle or transport to waste treatment site for disposal.

Handling and storage

Operation precautions: closed operation, strengthen ventilation. Operators must be specially trained and strictly abide by the operating procedures. It is suggested that the operators should wear hood type electric air supply filter dust respirator, polyethylene anti-virus clothing and rubber gloves. Keep away from fire and heat source. No smoking in the workplace. Avoid dust. Avoid contact with reducing agents and alcohols. When carrying, it should be loaded and unloaded lightly to prevent the package and container from being damaged. Fire fighting equipment of corresponding variety and quantity and leakage emergency treatment equipment shall be provided. Empty containers may contain harmful substances. Storage precautions: store in a cool, dry and well ventilated warehouse. Keep away from fire and heat source. The storage temperature shall not exceed 35 ℃, and the relative humidity shall not exceed 75%. The package is sealed. It should be stored separately from reducing agents and alcohols, and mixed storage should be avoided. The storage area should be equipped with suitable materials to contain the leakage.

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